March 25

7 Weird Questions To Find Your Life Purpose



What is it? Is it your destiny? 

Did the universe or god or whatever assign you a purpose and all you have to do is find it, meaning you’ll be happy forever?

I don’t think things are quite as simple as that.

I’m not sure there’s some cosmic entity doling out purposes to everyone.

I’m also not sure that if you find your purpose, you’ll be forever and eternally happy until you die.

However, what we call a “sense of purpose” is a very real experience.

It’s the feeling that things matter.

That our lives are engaging, challenging and fulfilling.

A sense that we're growing in a direction we desire.

Sounds good, right?

Well how do we find it? Sadly, I can't tell you what your purpose is.

If I did, you'd soon rebel against it.

The human soul desires freedom far too much.

But I can give you a bunch of questions that will help you find it.

And here they are:

7 Weird Questions To Find Your Purpose

Who am I trying to please? How? Why?

Most people won’t find their purpose because they’ve built a life trying to unconsciously please their parents, their teachers, the bullies at school, the opposite sex etc.

Giving up this life would feel like a death and that’s too much of a price to pay.

However, if you’re serious about living your own life, you need to become aware of how inauthentically you’re living right now.

What am I doing when I forget to eat?

The things you’re doing when you forget to eat give you an indication of where you should go next.

When you're doing these things, motivation and discipline are NOT an issue. 

This is where you should be putting your energy.

I love writing. I love making videos. I love DJ’ing and mixing music.

I love fighting.

These are the things that give me life a sense of joy and flow. 

Who do I look up to? Why?

Who you look up to is important.

It can tell you what your values and principles are.

There’s a reason YOU look up to this person and other people don’t.

It might be because there’s something in you that resonates with this person's values and way of living.

Dive into who you look up to and WHY?

Really consider what implications this might have in your life.

If I look back on my life, do I see any themes or patterns emerging?

To find your purpose you need to look for patterns that have emerged across the span of your life.

For me, I realised that I felt great when I performed for people.

It’s what led me to do acting as a child.

It’s one of the reasons I love speaking on YouTube.

I loved fighting as a kid and Bruce Lee was my favourite person.

These things are IN me.

They keep cropping up.

The more meaning and fulfilment I feel correlates with how aligned my actions are with some of these themes.

What scares me?

What you’re looking for lies in the place where you’re least willing to look.

If you aren’t willing to dive into your fears and feel them, you will never find your purpose.

You will avoid it.

In your fear, it will be found.

For example, I am terrified of having a bad trip on a psychedelic but on the flip side this makes me fascinated with the mind.

Your fears are signposts.

What do I want my life to look like in 1 year from now?

When we think of our life’s purpose, we might make the mistake of thinking too big.

Because we can’t find our “life’s work” like so many great people, we feel hopeless.

But the life’s work of steven hawking wasn’t clear to him, either. He was writing it as he went along. 

You’re writing your story as you go along which is why it doesn’t look so clear.

Instead of thinking in terms of an entire life, narrow the gap and focus on the next year.

What would make this next year the best one you could possibly have?

 Answer the question honestly. 

What are my top 3 problems right now and how can I solve them?

Do you not have much money in your bank account?

Do you not have an intimate relationship and friends?

Is your health a mess?

A lot of the time, purpose isn’t our issue.

We’re just feeling shitty because we aren’t getting our basic human needs met.

Focus on fixing what problems you have and let that be your purpose for a while.

In conclusion...

Finding a sense of purpose takes time, self-reflection and courage.

If you're feeling lost, I hope these questions can serve as a light during a dark time.

And if you want to find your life purpose in 6 weeks, check out the Man On Purpose programme and work with me personally.


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