A few things about me...

  • I trained as a psychotherapist for three years. I stopped because I knew that coaching instead of therapy is how I could help people the most.
  • My journey of personal-development started after my first breakup and was accelerated after my second.
  • I love to fight. I have competed in MMA twice, winning both matches by submission & KO. I recommend that men do some form of fight training.
  • My favourite book is No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover (a book I firmly believe every man should read).
  • I've had anxiety basically all of my life.

I was afraid of being a man

For most of my life, I've been afraid of masculinity. I was always the dude who was more comfortable around women than men. Most of my friends were ladies. I never saw that as a problem until a few breakups snapped me into reality. Not being in touch with my masculinity had made me passive and frankly, unattractive.

The model of masculinity I had in my head was that of the macho dickhead. I didn't know any other alternative.

I was a nice guy but I was carrying around so much emotional baggage that it made me miserable inside. Before long, I would always become unhealthily dependent upon the woman I was dating and it would always go downhill from there. 

But after one particularly traumatic breakup, I did something different. Instead of seeking salvation in the arm's of yet another woman, I decided to join a men's group instead. That's when it all changed.

Not a macho dickhead (but still a bit of a dickhead)

Through the men's groups and my own inner journey, I've experienced firsthand the power of developing your masculinity through mentorship and accountability. 

I learned that being a powerful man isn't toxic. It's beautiful. Women want it. Children need it. The world is crying out for it.

When I implemented the three pillars of radical honesty, self-love and embracing challenge - I became a different person.

Who I became wasn't a macho dickhead though. Instead, I became more fun, confident and playful!

Being unapologetically myself transformed my career, dating and social life. I experienced a night and day shift from the depressed, socially anxious guy I used to be.

Now I'm on a mission to help men experience this for themselves.

To say "fuck you" to being the macho dickhead and embrace who they really are. Good, bad and ugly.

Then share it with the world, fearlessly.