Hi, I'm Oliver and I help shy, introverted men become confident, powerful & attractive

(without the macho motivational bullshit)

This is what I believe...

Finding your "passion" is bullshit.

Focusing on finding a "passion" for your life (something to make you wake up at 5am every morning full of energy) is a recipe for misery based on a lie. Don't look for your passion in life. Instead, find your purpose. A reason to be alive that sustains you through the rough and  the smooth times.

Radical honesty is the path to true freedom.

Lies create suffering for yourself and others. The path of true freedom means living a life where you don't have to lie to anyone. It means living a life in alignment with your values. A life where you can stand tall and speak the truth. This truth will set you free, but be warned, it will kick your ass first.

Self-acceptance is the greatest healer.

Suffering is pain x resistance. By denying certain aspects of ourselves, we increase emotional and mental tension which keeps us stuck and stagnant. There is no evidence that more shame, denial and repression lead to greater effectiveness in the world. The more we accept ourselves, both the good and bad, the more power we have to change.

Humans need a vision.

The rolling stone gathers no moss. We are goal seeking creatures. Without a goal or some overarching vision for our lives, we stagnate. We drift. Without a vision to give meaning to our lives, a human being will seek pleasure as a poor substitute. In such people, the soul dies not with a bang, but slowly with a whimper. Don't be that person.

A few things about me...

  • My calling has always been to help people become better. I was a personal trainer from the age of 18 to 26. I left because I wanted to help men upgrade their lives and relationships not just get a six-pack.
  • What sparked my own journey into masculinity, spirituality and self-development were two extremely painful breakups.
  • I used to be a socially anxious teenager who was terrified of talking to women.
  • I've always been highly emotionally sensitive & not your traditional "masculine" man. At all. 
  • I trained as a psychotherapist for three years which taught me the power of presence, truth and love when it comes to helping people make lasting transformation in their lives. 
  • I've made over 100+ videos on the topic of self-development, emotional resilience, meditation and more on my YouTube channel.

I tell you all of this so you know that I don't speak from an ivory tower but from my own messy, chaotic life.

Also to give you confidence that I've done the work on myself & I know my shit.

My basic philosophy is all about becoming a man who is naturally powerful, confident and attractive. 

You can't fake what you are. Not for long. If we use dating as an example, one thing you'll find (if you haven't already) is that women can sniff out a fake man from a mile away and usually, they run a mile.

The key is to become the kind of man who effortlessly attracts amazing shit into his life simply because that's just who he is.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you were "on fire?" and you were just in the zone?

It's amazing isn't it?

You can experience more of that "winner effect" in your life and when you do, life is never the same again.

How do I know can happen? Because I'm a living example of this, but I'll get into that later.

What am I all about?

I'm all about helping men become powerful.

Some might argue that men are already too powerful in today's world but to that I say, this is not power.

This is tyranny. 

Real power is self-mastery.

Real power is becoming a loving, capable, competent and virtuous man.

Real power is emotional self-reliance and having the ability to enrich the lives of others.

I want to see more men become kings in their lives because it doesn't just benefit them (it does) but those close to them. It's how I can maximise my positive influence.

Plus I love seeing a man go from shy, introverted and full of shame to becoming a confident lion who women fight over. Nothing gives me more satisfaction, to be honest.

You cannot do this entirely alone. This is where I come in. Men need brotherhood to become their most powerful selves. Unfortunately, this is largely missing in today's world. Today, men are expected to go it alone. To just know what to do. When this goes wrong, society shames men for it.

For this reason, I am here to create content and provide services that help men build a beautiful life and become a powerful badass but without the cliche, macho horseshit you see all over YouTube.

Here are a few articles to give you an idea for what you'll find here...