A few things about me...

  • I was a personal trainer from the age of 18 to 26.
  • What sparked my own journey into self-development were two extremely painful breakups.
  • I used to be a socially anxious, self-hating teenager who was terrified of talking to women.
  • I've always been highly emotionally sensitive & not your traditional "masculine" man. At all. 
  • I trained as a psychotherapist for three years which taught me the power of presence, truth and love when it comes to helping people make lasting transformation in their lives. 
  • I've made over 100+ videos on the topic of self-development, emotional resilience, meditation and more.

This is what I believe...

Radical honesty is the path to true self-worth

The path of true freedom means living a life where you don't have to lie to anyone, including yourself. A life where you can stand tall and speak the truth starts with being honest. More honest than you've ever been in your life. The truth will set you free, but be warned, it will kick your ass first.

Self-acceptance is the greatest healer

Suffering is pain x resistance. By denying certain aspects of ourselves, we increase emotional and mental tension which keeps us stuck and stagnant. There is no evidence that more shame, denial and repression lead to greater effectiveness in the world. The more we accept ourselves, both the good and bad, the more power we have to change.

Know your values

Your values are your north star. They guide you through life and give you a sense of direction and purpose. Most people have no idea what their values are (or they follow the values of those who do). Getting to know your values and having the balls to live by them is the key to a good life.

What am I all about?

I'm all about helping men become authentically confident lovers, warriors and kings. 

For this reason, I am here to create content and provide services that help men overcome the shit that holds them back and create a beautiful life.

But without the cliche, macho, motivational horseshit you see all over YouTube.

Here are a couple of my videos to check out to give you a flavour for how I roll...