Are you ready to become a fearlessly authentic man?

Do you...

  • Feel anxious a lot of the time?
  • Avoid responsibility & challenge?
  • People-please or feel like a pushover?
  • Feel lonely or disconnected in your relationships?
  • Fear that you're wasting your potential in life?

You don't have to put up with it anymore

The Authentic Badass Programme

The Authentic Badass is my plan to help you become a fearlessly authentic man in your life & relationships.

Know Yourself

Who are you? In this phase, we get clear on your strengths, weaknesses, deepest fears as well as your needs and desires which tell us why your life isn't going how you want.

Master Your Emotions

By building emotional independence through different practices, you learn to regulate your own emotions so you when things get difficult, you can handle it. This prepares you for the next phase...

Be Real With Others

We work on showing up in a vulnerable and authentic way with the people in your life. Embracing conflict and telling the truth leads to a total transformation of your connection to other people.

What's included in the programme...

Weekly Video Calls

Every week we jump on a call. You speak to me directly every week (not my team).

Weekly Homework Exercises

In this programme you are creating a new identity as an authentic badass. That means you do the work outside of our sessions.

24/7 Access To Me

You have my full support. You get access to my personal WhatsApp number so whenever you have a question or personal challenge, I am here to help you through it outside of our sessions.

Here's how Luis overcame 10 years of social anxiety & became the life & soul of the party...


"I was struggling with social anxiety for 10 years (ish). Now I feel like I own this place. I embrace uncertainty. I just go out and whatever happens happens. I'm present and enjoy the moment. I talk to anyone. I'm not afraid to be around people anymore. It's worth every penny"

Is Authentic Badass for you?

This is for you if...

  • You're ready.
  • You're willing to do the inner work on yourself.
  • You value authenticity.
  • You're familiar with meditation.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for me to "fix" you.
  • You want to be saved instead of taking ownership.
  • You aren't ready to invest right now.
  • You aren't ready to hear real feedback.

Book a call & start becoming the authentic badass of your own life.