Do you want to become authentically confident & attract an amazing woman without having to be something you're not?

Have you...

  • Looked at a beautiful woman pass by and felt sad because she's "out of your league?"
  • Been excited about a woman only to have her ghost you with no explanation?
  • Felt the dreaded awkward silence around a woman you found attractive?
  • Avoided talking to women you like because you often freeze up and have no idea what to say?
  • Failed to go for the kiss or escalate physically on a date - only for her to lose interest?

It doesn't have to be this way

Imagine finally having the confidence to flirt with the cute barista you see every morning when you pick up your coffee on the way to work.

Imagine feeling so self-assured you can have meaningful, honest conversations with a woman where you can share your true self and she just gets you. She laughs at your jokes and finds any excuse to touch you.

Imagine spending your evenings getting to know interesting, amazing women and powerfully yet respectfully expressing your attraction to them without trying to hide it.

Imagine being out with your friends on a Saturday night and having the courage to ask a woman sitting alone at the bar for her number and she gives it to you.

Imagine going for coffee with a woman and feeling 100% unapologetically yourself. You’re sharing who you really are without the awkwardness or shyness ... and she’s loving it.

This can become your reality

You might not believe it but it's true.

With the right guidance, encouragement and a step-by-step system, you can completely transform your confidence with women.

Let me know you how...

Become Authentically Attractive

This is my four phase intensive plan to take you from insecurity to authentic confidence & dating success.


Know who you are

As an introvert, we’re going to build the kind of quiet, deep confidence which comes from knowing deeply who you really are. In this phase, we discover what’s truly important to you, your signature natural strengths and your unique “vibe” (what you bring to the table that nobody else does). We’re also going to uncover & rewire the negative beliefs that are currently holding you back, creating a new identity as a confident & attractive man. When you make this identity shift, your actions follow suit effortlessly, as do your results.


Know what you want

Now that we are clear on who you really are, we need to know exactly what you want in your dating & social life. Whether you want an abundance of romantic opportunities or a single deep relationship, knowing the ins and outs of your perfect dating life will inform us of what changes will get you there.  Knowing exactly what you want and becoming the chooser paves the way to success and gives you confidence, so you don't feel like a beggar.


Build Social Charisma

We’ll work on helping you overcome anxiety to become a socially magnetic conversationalist. We’ll cover how to present yourself (clothing, voice, body language) so that your most authentic version shines through. You’ll be challenged to put this into practice by interacting with people in new and interesting ways. The result? You will be able to easily connect with others in ways that allow the best, authentic you to shine. This makes the final step so much easier.


Attract her to you

In the final step of the programme, you will now learn how to meet amazing women and lead an interaction from stranger to first date. You will learn the basics of approaching women respectfully yet powerfully in venues perfect for you. You will learn how to flirt and express desire fearlessly for your individual style and vibe. We will work on your online dating profiles and text conversations to get her wanting to meet you. And lastly, we will work on crafting the perfect first date that will help build connection, attraction and intimacy. Welcome to a new you, a wealth of dating opportunities, and a genuine sense of confidence that women will find truly irresistible.

What's included in the programme...

Weekly Video Calls

Every week we jump on a call. You speak to me directly every week (not my team).

Weekly Homework Exercises

We don't just meet for a series of interesting conversations. In this programme you are creating a new identity as a quietly confident & attractive man. That means you do the work outside of our sessions.

24/7 Access To Me

You have my full support. You get access to my personal WhatsApp number so whenever you have a question or personal challenge, I am here to help you through it outside of our sessions.

Here's how Luis overcame 10 years of social anxiety & became the life & soul of the party...


" I was very socially afraid. I would just spend time sat alone in my flat. I wanted more confidence and to do the things I wanted to do without being afraid. I was struggling with social anxiety for 10 years (ish)"

"Now I've got that! I feel like I own this place. I embrace uncertainty. I just go out and whatever happens happens. I'm present and enjoy the moment. I talk to anyone. I'm not afraid to be around people anymore. It's worth every penny"

But is this for you?

This is for you if...

  • You fundamentally respect women.
  • You're willing to do the inner work on yourself.
  • You value being authentic and genuine.
  • You're looking for real connection & intimacy.
  • You're ready to change and take responsibility.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for tricks and tactics to get her into bed with you.
  • You're only looking to just get more notches on your bedpost.
  • You aren't ready to change yourself, only other people.

So I'll ask you again...

Are you ready to attract an amazing woman into your life?

If the answer is yes, then the next step is easy. Book a call with me and let's talk. 

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The first call is free (what have you really got to lose?)