Ready to change your life in 12 weeks?

Are you...

  • Often seen as that "shy awkward guy" ?
  • Lonely & feel powerless to do anything about it?
  • Needy, insecure and anxious around people (& in your relationships)?
  • Afraid of rejection and desperate for approval?
  • Ashamed about your sexuality and your masculinity?
  • Feeling a lack of energy, motivation & purpose in life?

 Then let's fix it. Now.

Because every minute spent in this state is life WASTED.

How we do that is simple.

Give me 12 weeks and your full commitment. And I will help you change your life.

We're gonna go deep and create a plan to rapidly shift you from shyness and insecurity to real, authentic confidence. By the end of the programme, people will barely recognise you (but they will want to be around you).

Together, we will rewire the bullshit beliefs that are currently keeping you stuck in anxious, fear-based thinking. You'll start to experience life in a whole new way. Anxiety & overthinking will be replaced by a feeling a flow and confidence.

You'll develop the courage to express yourself freely and authentically. You'll stop hiding from yourself and others, and start being more fully yourself.

This is three months to change the rest of your life.

Interested? Let me tell you more.

What's included in the 12 week programme

Weekly Video Calls

Every week we jump on a call for 60 - 90 minutes. This isn't some bullshit group programme that costs £3000. You speak to me directly every week (not my team).

Weekly Exercises & Challenges

We don't just meet for a series of interesting conversations. In this programme you are creating a different life and a new identity. That means you do the work outside of our sessions. No exceptions.

24/7 Access To Me

You have my full support. You get access to my personal WhatsApp number so whenever you have a question or personal challenge, I am here to help you through it outside of our sessions.

And by the end of it...

  • You have processed deep emotional issues that have plagued you for your whole life.
  • You feel truly at ease in your own skin.
  • People are naturally drawn to your confidence & authenticity.
  • Your dating life is full of intimacy and deep connection.
  • You look yourself in the mirror and smile back at the person you see.

Here's how Luis overcame 10 years of social anxiety & became the life & soul of the party...

Luis Carrubio

" I was very socially afraid. I would just spend time sat alone in my flat. I wanted more confidence and to do the things I wanted to do without being afraid. I was struggling with social anxiety for 10 years (ish)"

"Now I've got that! I feel like I own this place. I embrace uncertainty. I just go out and whatever happens happens. I'm present and enjoy the moment. I talk to anyone. I'm not afraid to be around people anymore. It's worth every penny"

So I'll ask you again...

Are you ready to change your life in 12 weeks?

If the answer is yes, then the next step is easy. Book a call with me and let's talk. 

Just click the link which will take you to a questionnaire and my schedule.

The first call is free (what have you really got to lose?)