Are you tired of going it alone?

Do you...

  • Struggle with anxiety or depression?
  • Feel lost or lack a sense of purpose or meaning to your life?
  • Feel like a man-child?
  • Feel like you're wasting your time and potential?
  • Experience loneliness and a lack of connection to people?

If this is you, then it's time to join The Authentic Male journey and say...

"I will no longer drift without goals, purpose or momentum in my life."

"I am done with feeling like a loser who's never achieved anything. I will start living fully today"

"I am ready to grow up, take responsibility and stop feeling like a child in a man's body."

"I let go of the need to distract myself with porn, alcohol or video-games or YouTube."

Are you ready to step up, gather your tribe and start being the man you know you can be?

The next group runs at the end of June

During the journey you will...

  • Have a supportive, encouraging and challenging brotherhood of men to meet with every week.
  • Be held accountable to your most deeply personal goals.
  • Receive valuable, honest, raw and real feedback from other men.
  • Be able to let out some of the baggage you have carried around for years in a non-judgemental and safe space.
  • Feel more confident, clear and grounded with who you are and what you're on this earth to do.
  • Have the space to explore emotional issues and past traumas that might still have their grip on you.
  • Receive guidance, praise, encouragement and support.

Hi, I'm Oliver

I first joined a men's group in 2018 after a breakup that threw me into tailspin of anxiety and depression. This was one of the greatest decisions I ever made and was the real start of my healing journey.

Now, as a trained men's circle facilitator, I am delivering my personal and professional experiences to help you grow up, show up and become the man you know you can be.

Are you ready?

Full price for the authentic male 6 week journey


Only 6 places available

Next group starts at the end of June

DETAILS (Click to expand)

  • Calls take place virtually via Zoom.
  • Access to a WhatsApp support group outside of our sessions.
  • Weekly homework & accountability included.
  • Call time is at 7:00pm - 8:30pm UK/GMT on Thursdays.

Here are the next steps...

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    Apply using the form.
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    You will receive the payment and scheduling details to the email address you provided (check your spam folder).
  3. 3
    Once the payment is made, your journey begins and we look forward to receiving you at our first session.