August 14

The BEST Way To Earn Financial Freedom (Be FULLY Yourself)


Over the past couple of years, I’ve made £40,000 completely for free online with a coaching business working less than 10 hours a week.

I did it entirely using YouTube.

And you might say, what colour is your Bugatti mate? That’s peanuts.

But it cost me nothing to start and my running costs are practically zero because I run the whole operation.

And I’m sure most of you wouldn’t mind an extra £40,000 in your pocket for helping people change their lives, right?

And here I want to break down how I did it so you can do the same.

I believe every man who values personal growth, freedom and authenticity should absolutely start a side hustle personal brand.

Going from zero to making £100,000+ a year with a one-person online business is the greatest self-development challenge a man can ever take on.

Because the market doesn’t lie.

If your emotional issues and fears prevent you from taking action.

If you spend all your time procrastinating.

If you’re too distracted to come up with original valuable ideas…

Your empty bank account will be a reflection of that and you can’t rationalise your way out of it.

My income has grown alongside me.

My personal growth has been reflected in my bank account every step of my growth journey and it’s a metric I absolutely can’t hide from or blame other people for.

So not only will this make you grow more in 3 months than most people do in 3 years, but you also get paid for doing it along the way.

I emphasize personal brand because not only does it lead to the most personal fulfillment and growth for you…

But it’s also the only way to guarantee your financial freedom in the future.

Building an authentic personal brand and monetizing it makes you irreplaceable and AI-proof.

No matter how sophisticated AI gets, it will never replace Joe Rogan.

If you manage to earn a living being fully yourself then AI can’t replace you either.

So assuming you’re sold, let me break down what I did so you can replicate it.

1) I started creating valuable, authentic content on topics that interested me (& I didn’t stop)

First, I need to hit you with a few truth bombs I learned along the way a little too late…

Attention is the currency of the modern world.

If you can capture, retain and monetize attention - you’re set for life.

And here’s how it works…

Creating valuable content is how you capture that attention.

Being fully authentic is how you retain that attention because if they can get what you offer from somewhere else they’ll do that.

Building authority by deepening your understanding, solving problems, and demonstrating success is how you monetize that attention.

Now here’s something that will save you years of time and energy.

The best thing to do that ticks all these boxes is to prioritize solving your own problems and document the process along the way.

It’s engaging content because people love stories.

It’s authentic because you’re the main character.

And it builds authority because you’re demonstrating your competence.

Now, this doesn’t mean your content needs to be world-class.

And it doesn’t mean you need to be a world-class expert in order to have monetizable authority.

For example, if you’ve got 20 pounds to lose, commit to doing it and making a video about it.

Once you’ve done that, then bam.

You know more than the average person and you’ve built authority.

When I started, I had a topic I loved which was spirituality, self-development, and psychology.

I wanted to talk about it and I wanted to express myself.

So I got started and committed to releasing a video per week helping people.

But even today, my videos are far from the best in the world.

They were even worse when I started.

But the most important principle I’ve ever internalized was “good enough”

Now this might seem like it’s settling for mediocrity but consider this…

90% of people fail because they don’t start and stick to something.

But because I consistently showed up, I was able to build a small but loyal audience. That’s you.

And the cool thing is, you can create an audience of awesome people too.

An audience who will be more than willing to pay you for what you do.

So just start.

Pick a schedule you can stick to and refuse to let yourself slip.

2) As I built an audience, I started inviting people to work with me.

As you solve your problems and create authentic content about how you did it, people will reach out to you for help in solving the same problem.

And because you’ve been authentic, the people that reach out to you are most likely to be the kind of people you can really help.

Because they are where you used to be.

For example, I solved social anxiety and low confidence.

Then over time, men started reaching out to me to help them solve it, too.

And I knew how to help them because I’d already solved it in my own life.

I even had a system I built for myself I could take other people through.

So once you’ve solved a painful problem in your own life, break your process down into around 4 steps and talk about these steps in your content.

Turn that process into a 4-call service package.

Put a booking link in your YouTube description.

Then invite people every so often to book a call with you.

For example, when I talk about man-child syndrome, I invite the viewer to book a call with me so we can help him solve it.

Then on the call, we just have a chat about his situation and if we both feel working together would be a good option, I invite him to do that.

Do the same.

And if you need to refine your process, invite some people from your current network on social media, friends or family to work with you for free.

Take them through the process.

Get some testimonials to weave into your videos.

Bam. You’ve built authority for your service.

Use your experiences with your clients to improve your content and make it more valuable for people.

Keep refining, iterating and selling your service.

Your life will be unrecognizable in 3 years and in all the best ways.

I appreciate you, mate.

Take care.



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