Are you ready to master the game of YouTube?

Launch your channel, monetize quickly & build a loyal audience

YouTube is the most powerful pathway to freedom...but starting can be a challenge

  • You feel like an imposter - "who would listen to ME?"
  • You look at other creators and can't ever see yourself being that good.
  • Thumbnails, titles, editing, delivery ... it's all just too overwhelming.
  • You've wanted to start a channel for a long time but life got in the way.

I get it.

I never thought it would work for me either.

I always wanted to earn an income through YouTube.

It just felt like too big of a hill to climb. Too many skills to learn.

But as nervous as I was, in 2016 I started anyway.

And it wasn't great.

My early videos were filmed on a banged up Samsung Galaxy S2.

The audio was bad.

I had no idea how to edit videos or design thumbnails.

My delivery was off the cuff, waffly and barely planned.

(this video, for example)

But I kept publishing. And publishing. And publishing.

Until after a while, it dawned on me.

I was putting my heart and soul into these videos.

But nobody was watching. 

My channel wasn't growing.

This crushed me.

Soon after, I gave up.

YouTube became a side project. A hobby I did for fun.

On it went for years...

Until a life lesson from Conor McGregor changed everything.

A scruffy-looking kid was interviewing Conor McGregor.

He was half-assed. Half-asleep. Unprofessional as fuck.

Refusing to answer a single question, Conor gave the kid some much needed life advice.

"Look, son. You're here interviewing one of the greatest fighters in the world. Tuck your shirt in. Stand up straight. Jesus, man. Show up like ye mean it"

Show up like you mean it.

I will never forget those words.

That's what was missing the whole time.

It was never about the viewers or subscribers. Those are vanity metrics.

There was a bigger issue that was eating away at me...

I had never fully showed up. 

I was publishing videos...but I never truly pushed myself to make my videos better.

That was about to change.

My inspiration returned, I got to work.

1% better every time

From that point on, every time I published a video I asked myself the question.

"How can I make this 1% better next time?"

And then I would act on it. 

I learned what titles and thumbnails made people click.

I studied what created an emotional impact with the viewer.

I worked on crafting videos that kept people watching.

Soon my views started to increase.

My subscriber count started rising.

Pretty soon people were reaching out to me for private coaching.

Fast forward two years, I had achieved what I never thought I would.

I was making a full time income from YouTube. 

And today my channel sits at 12k subscribers and over $40,000 generated in revenue (and counting). 

If you're procrastinating on starting a channel, or if you have a struggling channel, I have one thing to say to you.

You can succeed on YouTube, too

I want to see you walk the path of the freedom creator & thrive on YouTube.

With the right guidance, you can build a loyal audience, grow your channel and earn your freedom.

If you decide to work with me, here's what we'll cover...

  • Find your niche

  • Uncover video ideas

  • Maximise clicks

  • Make your content great

Standing out on YouTube is essential today. We'll work on getting crystal clear on your niche whilst making your channel unique, high-value and 100% authentic to you.

What's included in the package?

4 x 90 minute calls

Across the 8 weeks, you'll get 4 private consulting calls with me, allowing us to dive deep into creating a gameplan for your goals.

Homework assignments

After each session, you'll get specific homework assignments to complete to maximise your chances of success.

Ongoing feedback, support & critique

Outside of our sessions you'll get ongoing support and feedback on your channel, as well as any questions you have.



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