Hi, I'm Ollie and I help men become authentically confident, powerful & attractive

... without any cringey tactics & tricks

What's the deal?

As a man, if you want to live a life full of love, freedom & purpose - it helps to be three things. 

Confident. Powerful. Attractive.

If you're confident you can easily approach that cutie in the coffee shop and strike up a fun conversation without that crippling anxious feeling.

If you're powerful you can create the kind of wealth, time-freedom and career you want without being plagued by self-doubt and endless procrastination.

If you're attractive you can magnetically attract love, intimacy and deep connection into your life without sabotaging it with neediness or insecurity.

When you become all three, it just makes life better.

The problem is, guys often go about this the wrong way. Endless YouTube videos but take no real action. Obsessing about dating tips & strategies without addressing the root insecurity. They might have even tried therapy but got nowhere with it.

Trapped in a vortex of insecurity, anxiety, shame and depression. It breaks my heart, to be honest. 

But if you want a way out, here it is...

The Three Pillars

Radical Honesty

In order to become authentically confident, stop lying about who you are. Stop faking being nice, confident or anything else. I encourage my clients to OWN who they are in each moment and be radically honest about it to others. This opens the door to true confidence, deep connection and a clear mind.


Approval-seeking, neediness and insecurity stem from one source. Lack of self-love. When we lack confidence we fear that other people or situations will reveal our "broken" selves to other people. That's what social anxiety is. Your relationship with others is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Start there.

Challenge Chasing

The good life is not for the cowardly. Courage is the essential ingredient for creating the relationships and life of your dreams. What you deeply desire lies on the other side of what you fear. Stop hiding and move towards it. You will be rewarded for your courage.

But does it work?

Here's what they say...

"If you need coaching, if you need support I can highly recommend to book a session with Ollie and have him support you. I feel completely changed and relaxed" 


"My life is way different now than it was when we first started working together. It's definitely worth it. There are a lot of treasures you get that you wouldn't get anywhere else."


"The coaching was like talking to a close friend. Someone who I can really just trust and be vulnerable with. Your coaching has given me an entirely new way of doing things"