Hi, I'm Ollie and I help men find the happiness, confidence & connection they deserve

... without the macho motivational bullshit

Why confidence?

Okay, let me try and nutshell this as much as possible before you ditch me for your Jordan Peterson video binge.

Let's say you're a video game character. You have stamina and mana. In real life, that's confidence. With it, you're at full strength and can kick ass in life. Without it, you're limp and everything wipes you out. 

So why aren't you confident already? It comes down to this...

You fear negative feelings.

It sounds simple but I assure you, that's all it is.

Shame. Embarrassment. Guilt. Rejection. Anxiety.

You fear putting yourself out there and experiencing these painful feelings because deep down, you feel like you can't handle it.

You avoid the risk of feeling them altogether by avoiding any situation where these feelings could arise.

You hide your authentic self from the world out of fear.

And it's a downward spiral because the more you avoid emotionally risky situations, the less confident and more fearful you become.

You go into hiding. You play it small. You take up LESS space.

I know what it's like because I've been there and it fucking sucked. That was until I decided to stop trying to be someone else and radically owned who I was in each moment. Only then did my life start to turn around.

I became what I now refer to as "authentically confident" and now I help guys do the same.

So how do I help people become more authentically confident (instead of just faking it trying to be someone else)?

Let's break it down

Radical Honesty

In order to become authentically confident, stop lying about who you are. Stop faking being nice, confident or anything else. I encourage my clients to OWN who they are in each moment and be radically honest about it to others.

Find Your Purpose

A man on a mission is a man who can handle what comes his way. I help my clients identify what truly matters to them and set exciting goals that makes them want to JUMP out of bed in the morning.

Emotional Self-Regulation

Being able to shift your emotional state at will in any situation is a superpower. I give my clients effective yet simple in-the-moment techniques to help them take control of their emotions and become the master of them.

Rewire Negative Beliefs

The way we speak to ourselves can drastically effect our experience. I help my clients break free from negative thinking patterns and speak to themselves in a self-approving and loving way.

Storm Chasing

Courage is taking action in the presence of fear. I help my clients stop hiding by uncovering what scares them the most and help them move towards it. The power of this step is absolutely life changing.

Open - Express - Release

Negative energy can get stored in the body. Over time this causes us to shut down and close. I give my clients body-based healing techniques to help them release trapped negative energy that keeps them stuck.

But does it work? Here's what my clients had to say...

"If you need coaching, if you need support I can highly recommend to book a session with Ollie and have him support you. I feel completely changed and relaxed"  - Thomas
"My life is way different now than it was when we first started working together. It's definitely worth it. There are a lot of treasures you get that you wouldn't get anywhere else."  - Cameron
"The coaching was like talking to a close friend. Someone who I can really just trust and be vulnerable with. Your coaching has given me an entirely new way of doing things" - Gustav