Hi, I'm Oliver and I help guys overcome low-self worth, find their authentic confidence and become genuinely happier.

... without the macho motivational bullshit

Why low self-worth?

Low self-worth, toxic shame and self-hatred sits at the root of a shit ton of different surface level issues.

If you're addicted to video games or porn. If you're procrastinating on work or studies. If you experience social anxiety regularly. If you have issues attracting women or maintaining a healthy relationship. If you struggle to know your purpose or direction in life.

Low self-worth is the root cause.

If deep down, you don't believe you deserve to be happy or to have the life you want, you will self-sabotage until your life looks as bad as your inner world. This is because beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies.

This cycle eats away at your life and your potential. It can make daily existence a painful battle, just to cope.

But I don't want you just to cope.

I want you to overcome this shit and start showing up to the world fearlessly and powerfully as the person you know you're capable of being deep down...

This is how...

Break the negative mental feedback loops

Become aware of the negative thought patterns and deeply held limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same old patterns of behavior. Once you become aware of what these are, you can begin to question and let go of them, freeing you from painful negative thought loops.

Expand your emotional container

When painful feelings arise, most of us tighten and constrict. If we do this often, fear begins to take hold of us & our life begins to shrink. The way out is to expand your emotional container to make room for painful feelings to simply come and go. When you do this, they will have no power over you.

Uncover your deepest values & take action

Many men today are struggling to find their purpose. When you become fully aware of what your deepest values are, you will stop trying to please other people and be something that you aren't. Instead, you'll live your own authentic life & true self-worth will grow.

What now?

Right now, I have two ways to serve you. 

Reach out to me for a free call where we will get to the bottom of what's really holding you back. If we're a good fit and I feel I can help you, I will suggest that we work together (but it isn't a requirement).

The other way is through my content on YouTube and my blog. I upload content specifically tailored to helping your free yourself from your own painful feelings and thoughts. Check it out below.

Good luck.

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