Hi, I'm Ollie and I help introverted men become irresistably confident

... and be attractive to amazing women

The Inside Out Framework

The steps to take you to solid-self confidence


Find your purpose

 We uncover your deepest purpose in life and who you really are. When you know your purpose, you are less afraid of other people & less people-pleasy. You become the leader of your own life.


Master your emotions

We learn to self-soothe painful emotions like anxiety, fear and shame using healthy techniques and practices. As you do this, you will be more present and less distracted from those around you.


Become a social creature 

Now it's time to start putting your authentic self out there and experience the confidence that comes from real, concrete action. This step is where we set the stage for new and amazing connections.

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What my clients say...

"If you need coaching, if you need support I can highly recommend to book a session with Ollie and have him support you. I feel completely changed and relaxed" 


"My life is way different now than it was when we first started working together. It's definitely worth it. There are a lot of treasures you get that you wouldn't get anywhere else."


"The coaching was like talking to a close friend. Someone who I can really just trust and be vulnerable with. Your coaching has given me an entirely new way of doing things"